PINGO: Punctuation Bingo




PINGO is a critical thinking Punctuation Bingo game. Through the use of the traditional Bingo game
concept, PINGO incorporates listening comprehension and metacognition-declarative, procedural, and
conditional knowledge about the role of punctuation marks during speaking, reading, and writing.
Using excerpts from authentic children’s literature, PINGO was designed to provide students with
repeated practice in monitoring and analyzing the purpose and reason for punctuation marks to
facilitate listening and reading comprehension and writing.

The uniqueness of this game is the personification of basic punctuation marks and the coherent roles
they are assigned, to make text understandable. Through the vision of Dr. Beryl Irene Bailey, and the
illustrative genius of Joe Young, Jr., Nationally Syndicated Cartoonist and Kyle Young, each of the six
chosen punctuation marks have been given a name, human characteristics, and a job to perform to
conceptualize his/her role in text … the Punctuation Posse Patrol!

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